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A Tribe Called Quest - Get a Hold

September 21st, 2014 | By

The Cyrcle - The Visit

The Cyrkle was a short lived rock band from the 1960’s. They had moderate success with their single “Red Rubber Ball” and opened for The Beatles on several tours. However, they disbanded after just 2 albums. The main members went on to write professional jingles for companies, including some well known ones like Alka Seltzer and 7 up. Their soft acoustic guitar-driven ballad “The Visit (She Was Here)” was famously flipped by legend J Dilla.

By the time ATCQ’s Beats, Rhymes and Life was dropping, the Tribe was heading towards their break up. Q-Tip brought in his cousin Consequence as an “unofficial” new member and newcomer Jay Dee (aka J Dilla) took over more of the production duties. This left fans with a slightly disjointed album and lack of magic the previous albums had before it.

While the album isn’t considered a classic, it did contain some great tracks, one of those being “Get a Hold“. J Dilla flipped a few vocal samples from the Cyrkle track starting at around 1:20 into the song. He layered his trademark drum sounds and heavy bass to create a smooth beat. According to rumors/legend, J Dilla supposedly made the beat in 15 minutes in the back room of a studio. Check out the original to see how he flipped it.

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B.D. Foxmoor (Active Member) - HIP HOP (prod. Ill Tal)

September 14th, 2014 | By

B.D. Foxmoor (Active Member) - HIP HOP ΑΝΑΜΝΗΣΕΙΣ (prod. Ill Tal)

About a week ago I got a request on my beats for sale page from an emcee out of Greece – B.D. Foxmoor. I’m not really up on the international hip-hop scene, so I was surprised to find out B.D. is part of the group Active Member, which is REALLY big out there.

B.D. requested the beat and about a week later the track was done and released (take note American rappers!) “HIP HOP ΑΝΑΜΝΗΣΕΙΣ” is a journey through the early years of Hip-hop and B.D.’s memories as one of the first adopters in Europe.

Even if you don’t understand Greek, check it out!

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Ill Tal - Still Trapped in the 90’s

September 8th, 2014 | By

Ill Tal - Still Trapped in the 90's - DOWNLOAD


Summer is over and it’s back to old school season again! I’ve teamed up with the good folk at to release the second installment of my golden era inspired instrumental series Trapped In the 90’s. The album picks up right where Volume 1 left off with plenty of filtered basslines, boom bap drums, and jazzy horns. On top of that, I took it even further with some R&B, G-funk, and commercial rap!

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Video Confirms Your Old Droog is not Nas

August 26th, 2014 | By

Spoiler alert? Honestly, I don’t know how people still thought the mystery emcee You Old Droog was Queensbridge legend Nasty Nas, but that’s neither here nor there… Either way, a new video surfaced yesterday proving that the rapper is a white dude from New York.

That doesn’t take away the fact that he does make the kind of hip-hop I like, so definitely keep an eye on this cat. He’s also doing a show in New York on Wednesday September 3rd. I’m assuming that should be interesting. Who knows, maybe I’ll pop up!

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Thank You Dr. Funkenstein!

August 23rd, 2014 | By

George Clinton and Ill Tal

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of watching George Clinton & P. Funk Allstars perform at the Watermark Hotel in New York City. Since I heard rumors that this would be his last tour, I needed to get a pic with the good Doctor while I still had the change. After the show, me and my friend snuck in the band’s tent, but most of the crew had already left. Luckily, when I went outside on the street I noticed their tour van and a few people taking pics. I got in line and waited…

George is the reason I started making Hip-Hop music, along with tons of other musical and life influences. I had only been this starstruck one other time, and that was when I saw DJ Premier smoking a cigarette on the street in New York.

What do you say to one of your idols? While it was short, here was the awesome convo I had with Dr. Funkenstein…

Me: I have “Poor Willie” and “My Girl” on 45!
George: (with a surprised look on his face) Oh!!! You got that real shit!
Me: There’s only one I can’t find…
George: You got “Lonely Island“?
Me: That’s the one I can’t find! And I live 5 minutes away from Paterson…
George: Paterson? Yea… that’s where we recorded that one.
Me: My dad grew up there. Anyways, thank you for every thing! (shakes hand)

I didn’t know what else to talk about besides vinyl of course… He did look pleasantly surprised that someone at the show was familiar with his first singles. While it might have not been the most profound convo in the world, it definitely meant the world to me.

Aside from meeting George, the show was decent. When you have discography that ranges almost 60 years, it’s hard to pick songs. They performed staples like “Flashlight“, “Maggot Brain“, “Testify“, “Mothership Connection“, “Aqua Boogie” and “One Nation Under a Groove“. Kind of wish they would perform some of the older Funkadelic songs or at least a set similar to the P Funk Earth tour. Either way, still had a great time! Thank you again Dr. Funkenstein.

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Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Can’t Front on Me

August 17th, 2014 | By

A lot of diggers collect any cover of Galt MacDermot‘s classic Broadway musical Hair. There are so many different versions from jazz to Portuguese to Japanese (ask Large Professor!) This particular version was released on Pickwick records and features the musical backing of Geoff Love and Alyn Ainsworth. The track “Where Do I Go?” starts off with a dope guitar/bassline loop that was used by soul brother number 1 – Pete Rock.

One of my favorite Pete Rock beats “Can’t Front On Me” from Mecca and the Soul Brother utilizes the loop/bassline for the main element of the beat. Pete layers some of his favorite drums and adds some vibes and horn stabs for the hook. Check out the original and the way Pete flipped it.

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UPDATE: Amazon Cloud Removes “Share File” Feature Without Notice

August 11th, 2014 | By


UPDATE 8/15/2014:
Looks like the “Share” button has returned to Cloud! I’m happy it was returned, but they really should have prepared customer service better during the disruption.

Up until now, I’ve been reasonably happy with Amazon‘s Cloud storage service. Whenever I needed to send snippets or wave files to an artist, I would utilize the “share” feature to generate a download link. It worked great because the links never expired, there were no ads, and Amazon’s servers are reliable. However, that all changed about a week ago…

Apparently, Amazon removed the “share” option completely with a recent update of the online interface. At first I thought maybe I just couldn’t find it. I searched “help” but “share” was missing. I even Googled “how to share a file via amazon cloud” and cached versions of the help pages prove that it did exist and I wasn’t crazy.


So I visited the “Contact Us” section to see what I could find…

1. Online Chat – Online chat was by far the LEAST helpful channel. I was transferred SIX times in 5 minutes without anyone answering my question. Finally, the 6th person explained that Cloud support is not available via “chat” and asked for my phone # so a representative could call me…

2. Phone Rep – Within a few minutes I got a call and was connected to Cloud support customer service. The tech explained that yes, file sharing had been disabled TEMPORARILY. He stated that he could not provide an ETA, but I should consider it temporary. (odd, because they removed it from the “help” section, right?)

3. Email – Still not satisfied, I emailed Amazon as well. The first response made it seem like “File sharing” was never a feature, but they would let me know when it was added… Um….


Not satisfied, I responded and received a moderately different answer stating that “privacy and security issues” were to blame.


Interesting that isn’t the answer I got from the phone rep.

4. Twitter – I didn’t get any response womp womp…

5. Facebook – FB had the least insight to offer, but was the most reactive.


Overall, I think it’s poor service to not inform paying customers that a feature of their service will no longer be supported or explain why. At the very least, they can update their customer service reps about the situation and how to handle better.

Also, rumors are saying that it’s not a security issue, but rather Amazon is receiving pressure because of copyrighted material being shared (i.e. movies and music).

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My Experience with Fiverr

July 30th, 2014 | By


So I recently decided to experiment using the micro-contracting site For those not familiar, it’s basically a site where random people offer services starting at $5. Depending on the service, there are several add-ons for additional costs.

I wanted to see what they had in terms of social media promotion for my new video #ProducersBeLike. For the most part, all of the social media services they offered were BS. A quick look at the country of origin and some of the spelling revealed, that most of the services were bot-related.

You’ll see a ton of 2000 twitter followers in 24 hours, 1,000 Soundcloud plays, 500 Youtube likes, etc… I was more interested in finding real users willing to tweet real content to their sizable list of followers. I only found a few that seemed to be real.

Aside from the lack of moderating on Fiverr’s part, I have an issue with the way the whole system operates. When you “request” a service, Fiverr immediately deducts the money from your Paypal account and pays the seller. At that point, the contractor hasn’t actually agreed to take on your project. Basically, it’s the equivalent to Ebay taking your money for a bid, but you haven’t actually won yet.

The seller then responds, but sometimes they just “cancel” the order, without explanation (happened to me a few times). That wouldn’t be a problem if you get a refund, but you don’t. Instead, you are only given credit, basically forcing you to spend the amount somewhere on Fiverr. Unfortunately, this is laid out in the terms and conditions but most people don’t read that. If you try to dispute with Paypal, Fiverr cancels your account.

The buyer really has no protection here. You cannot review/rate a seller if the order was cancelled. It would be helpful to see a “completion” or “cancellation” rate, but no. The seller can cancel every order and you would never know. They do provide reviews for completed orders, but given the shadiness of the services offered, there is no guarantee they are real either. If they have a bot to get 1000 fake Twitter followers, then I’m sure they can figure out how to get fake reviews on Fiverr.

Overall, if your looking for quality and buyer protection, skip Fiverr. I’ve read horror stories online where people have had up to $100 tied up in credits due to cancellations of large projects. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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