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Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Can’t Front on Me

August 17th, 2014 | By

A lot of diggers collect any cover of Galt MacDermot‘s classic Broadway musical Hair. There are so many different versions from jazz to Portuguese to Japanese (ask Large Professor!) This particular version was released on Pickwick records and features the musical backing of Geoff Love and Alyn Ainsworth. The track “Where Do I Go?” starts off with a dope guitar/bassline loop that was used by soul brother number 1 – Pete Rock.

One of my favorite Pete Rock beats “Can’t Front On Me” from Mecca and the Soul Brother utilizes the loop/bassline for the main element of the beat. Pete layers some of his favorite drums and adds some vibes and horn stabs for the hook. Check out the original and the way Pete flipped it.

UPDATE: Amazon Cloud Removes “Share File” Feature Without Notice

August 11th, 2014 | By


UPDATE 8/15/2014:
Looks like the “Share” button has returned to Cloud! I’m happy it was returned, but they really should have prepared customer service better during the disruption.

Up until now, I’ve been reasonably happy with Amazon‘s Cloud storage service. Whenever I needed to send snippets or wave files to an artist, I would utilize the “share” feature to generate a download link. It worked great because the links never expired, there were no ads, and Amazon’s servers are reliable. However, that all changed about a week ago…

Apparently, Amazon removed the “share” option completely with a recent update of the online interface. At first I thought maybe I just couldn’t find it. I searched “help” but “share” was missing. I even Googled “how to share a file via amazon cloud” and cached versions of the help pages prove that it did exist and I wasn’t crazy.


So I visited the “Contact Us” section to see what I could find…

1. Online Chat – Online chat was by far the LEAST helpful channel. I was transferred SIX times in 5 minutes without anyone answering my question. Finally, the 6th person explained that Cloud support is not available via “chat” and asked for my phone # so a representative could call me…

2. Phone Rep – Within a few minutes I got a call and was connected to Cloud support customer service. The tech explained that yes, file sharing had been disabled TEMPORARILY. He stated that he could not provide an ETA, but I should consider it temporary. (odd, because they removed it from the “help” section, right?)

3. Email – Still not satisfied, I emailed Amazon as well. The first response made it seem like “File sharing” was never a feature, but they would let me know when it was added… Um….


Not satisfied, I responded and received a moderately different answer stating that “privacy and security issues” were to blame.


Interesting that isn’t the answer I got from the phone rep.

4. Twitter – I didn’t get any response womp womp…

5. Facebook – FB had the least insight to offer, but was the most reactive.


Overall, I think it’s poor service to not inform paying customers that a feature of their service will no longer be supported or explain why. At the very least, they can update their customer service reps about the situation and how to handle better.

Also, rumors are saying that it’s not a security issue, but rather Amazon is receiving pressure because of copyrighted material being shared (i.e. movies and music).

Jeru The Damaja - The Hammer (Review)

July 25th, 2014 | By

Jeru the Damaja - The Hammer

The first live hip-hop show I ever went to was Jeru and Cocoa Brovas (before they were Smif-n-Wessun again). It was right around the time his new single “99 Pacent” dropped. Sadly, that was the last time I really remember Jeru being in the spot light.

However, The Damaja has come back with his new EP entitled The Hammer like he never left. The Brooklyn native’s rhymes and beat selection are still on point, without DJ Premier. Below is the track-by-track review.

  1. 1. Intro – A short, spaced-out speech about the ills in the world and how it’s affecting the youth. Not the most ground breaking intro, but def sets the tone off for themes Jeru speaks on.

  2. 2. Point Blank – A really dope, spacey beat with a hard kick and light snares. Jeru speaks on the differences between the golden era and today. While this isn’t a brand new idea, Jeru rides the the beat perfectly and isn’t afraid to call out skinny jean wearing lames.

  3. 3. So Raw – It’s a goofy beat, but in the same vein as something Premo would have done on his 2nd LP. The track is a typical braggadocio rapper theme, but def a head-nodder.

  4. 4. Attack of the Wack (skit) – Jeru talking over a funky break beat. Sounds very similar to something that would have been said over the “Can’t Stop the Prophet” series.

  5. 5. A.R.M.E.D. – Hands down, the best song on the album. The Beatnuts provide a bugged out banger sounding like someone trying to run a lawnmower under water (yea, I said that lol). Both Juju and Pshyco Les drop hot 16s over the hookless track.

  6. 6. Solar Flares – The other hottest track on the EP, produced by Large Professor. Just pure hip-hop greatness.

  7. 7. The Hammer – Jeru getting more aggressive than he usually does. Pretty cool beat, focusing on the drums and some guitar and Hammond B3 stabs.

  8. 8. Dr. Freedman (Outro) – Jeru changes his voice to imitate a doctor lol. He leaves the album on a high note, pointing out the health hazards of prolonged exposure to wackness.

While the album isn’t as gritty as his previous, Jeru still has it. The beats maintain a golden era sensibility, without sounding dated. And plus, the album is only $3.58 on Amazon! If you can’t afford that, you shouldn’t be reading this on a smart phone fam!

Check it out.


July 22nd, 2014 | By

The internet has def helped a lot of producers gain exposure. It’s also exposed some hilarious stereotypes that are sometimes true. My latest video takes aim at some of the dumb things hip-hop beat makers do (myself included) – from awkward MPC photos, to e-diggers, 99 cent beats, and more.

It’s all in good fun, so don’t get too offended. Like I said, I’m guilty of some of this stuff too! Have more to add? Tweet @illtalbeats with #ProducersBeLike.

Nas - One Time 4 Your Mind

July 20th, 2014 | By

I picked up Hog Fat by Jimmy Gordon and His Jazznpops Band a few weeks ago while diggin. The Flying Dutchman logo caught my eye and as a rule, I pick up anything with the word “fat” in the title as it’s usually dope – Toe Fat, Fat Mattress, Fatback Band… I skimmed through it when I got home and heard some decent loops and drum breaks. After posting on Instagram I realized I missed the biggest loop on the LP.

The track “Walter L” was famously sampled by Large Professor for Nas’ classic “One Time 4 Your Mind” off of Illmatic. The use of the loop is a testament to what a great ear he has. For some reason, the sample often gets credited to Gary Burton’s version of “Walter L“. Check it out.

Interview on

July 5th, 2014 | By

TreksWord    Recently, I was lucky enough to get interviewed by TreksWord representing Stolkholm, Sweden.

Fellow beatmaker/blogger Trek asked plenty of great questions like my difficulties promoting music, what equipment I use, how I feel about the 90′s resurgence and the drama with my Joey Bada$$ video. It’s really in-depth so make sure you take a read.

Full interview here.

Innocent? - Proof In Numbers (feat. Sadat X)

July 5th, 2014 | By

Check out the new Megadon produced banger from Innocent? featuring Brand Nubian legend Sadat X. Innocent? lays out the difference between MC’s and rappers while Sadat X does a lot of math (in a dope way).

Jackin’ for Beats?

June 30th, 2014 | By

Busta Rhymes and Eminem - Calm Down Genesis LXG - House of Pain

The internet and radio went nuts today for the new Busta Rhymes and Eminem track “Calm Down“. (They also went nuts for Busta’s outfit at the BET Awards, but that’s a whole different issue). The Scoop DeVille banger loops and chops a familiar intro horn sample from House of Pain‘s “Jump Around” produced by DJ Muggs.

There is someone else going crazy, and that’s rapper Genesis LXG. However, it’s not because the track is dope; it’s because they stole his beat. A few months ago I was up at GID Radio and I met Genesis (who is like 7 feet tall btw). I heard the track “House of Pain” and really liked it. Today, when I heard “Calm Down” I was surprised to hear almost the same exact beat, minus Genesis. Genesis has taken to Twitter to address the beat jackin but this is a true David vs. Goliath story. Take a listen to the below tracks and you be the judge…